LG Fridge Freezer – Never Have to Settle For Second Best

LG is one of the most trusted names when it comes to quality refrigerators and freezers. Recently, my old fridge stopped working. I took it for repairs but the parts needed are more expensive than the unit itself. So I finally decided to get myself a new freezer. I was kind of confused at the beginning because there are just too many brands in the market today. So I called some friends and asked for their recommendations. Out my 14 closest friends, 8 advised me to go for the LG trademark since it’s the brand they have been using for years. A couple of them even got their LG’s from their parents.

In short, I took the majority vote seriously whirlpool refrigerator repair pasadena, I bought an LG fridge freezer and I was not disappointed. The long line of LG freezer series is somewhat very similar to each other and the only great variance is the price. Most of the fridge parts are bigger and the freezer compartment is smaller. The interior spaces are big enough to accommodate almost anything. The shelves and drawers are plentiful and I can easily organize different sizes of items from condiments to snacks to whole chickens. The temperature for each compartment and drawer is very consistent with easy temperature controls. I am really satisfied the way it keeps my food fresh longer.

The good thing about the LG fridge freezer is that it is A rated, meaning it is excellent in helping you save on energy while maintaining its optimum performance. The pearl white finish that I bought is really a modern classic; very stylish. It adds beauty to any kitchen. Although the price of the LG fridge is a bit expensive for some people, I can very well say that its performance is well worth it. If you are on a tight budget, there are other more affordable models for you… I am pretty sure of that. This LG fridge is also extra quiet. Just by the feel of its finish and materials used, you can tell that it is a durable piece of kitchen appliance.

I guess I won’t have any second thoughts in recommending the LG trademark especially when it comes to freezers… just like what my friends did. Again, overall, I am confident that this LG fridge freezer of mine can speak for all its “sisters” – it is indeed an amazing fridge with great performance, an excellent water cooler system, and very efficient ice cube maker. Don’t settle for second best.

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