Appliance Handles – They Are the Key to Appliance Health

Where does a new fridge fit on your spring-cleaning schedule? We’re not talking about cleaning out that gunk that has been building up at the bottom of the refrigerator since the last spring-cleaning. Nor are we talking about scraping those melted, and burned beyond recognition, pieces of pizza off the bottom of the oven. We’re talking about making sure your appliances are not only clean, but also in good working order.

Make your way around the kitchen and grab a hold of the handles on each appliance. While most people aren’t too worried about appliance handles, the truth is, if these start to go, they could have negative repercussions on the rest of the appliance. Tug on the appliance handles to see if they feel firm in your hand. If there is a little wiggling happening in those appliance handles, you need to have them looked at and tightened Maytag Appliance Repair Los Angeles.

It’s also important to note that handles are not just a device to open your appliances, but a way to get a feel for the overall condition of your appliances. As your appliance handles start to have problems, this may be a sign that the same aging effect is starting to impact the rest of your appliances. So, once the appliance handles start to go, you should have the whole appliance unit looked at a little more carefully.

Generally, spring-cleaning is a time to go from cleaning those appliance handles to really checking out the working condition of your appliances. It is much better to see a problem coming in advance than having your oven or other appliance break down when you need it most. If there is a shorting issue in an appliance, that is a fire threat and something you definitely want to remove from your kitchen as soon as possible.

If your door handles problems show you there is a bigger issue facing one of your appliances, it’s time to go shopping for a replacement appliance.

Before you go, you need to take a few measurements. Are you going to want the new appliance to fit into the space where the old one was? If so, you need to take a measurement of that space to get one that will fit. Also, keep in mind the d├ęcor and color scheme in your kitchen so you get a new appliance that matches the rest of this space.

Check the power source your old appliance was using and make sure the power source is the same as the new appliances you are looking for. Bigger appliances need a 220-volt outlet to plug into. If you are replacing a larger appliance, make sure that outlet is within reach of the new plug.

While you may have thought spring cleaning was just about cleaning, the cleaning of your appliance handles can lead to much more than just a little soap and water treatment. Paying attention to problems with appliance handles can key you in to larger problems that are plaguing your appliances, and save you major issues in the long run.

Appliance Maintenance Guide

Vacuum cleaners can pick up tiny dirt particles. Many homeowners rely on these machines to keep their home clean and allergen-free. Numerous illnesses can be triggered because of allergen inhalation.

But because of poor vacuum maintenance and even poor usage of this cleaning machine, it can smell funny. It is not advisable to use this machine to clean wet dirt or food residues. They can turn rancid inside the machine. When that happens, bacteria and germs can breed inside the cleaner. This will, in turn, make the vacuum machine smell bad.

In addition to proper maintenance and proper usage Whirlpool Appliance Repair Los Angeles, you can make your vacuum cleaner smell fresh and clean using the following tips:

Tip 1: Remove the contents of the dirt receptacle and clean this part with mixture of lemon juice and water. Mix one part lemon juice with one part lemon and apply it on the bag of the cleaner. Let it stay there for about 4 hours before washing drying it off.

Tip 2: Purchase a product called Approach. It is an appliance deodorizer. After cleaning this machine and removing the source of odor, spray this deodorizer inside the machine. This is the best appliance cleaner as it does not contain chemicals and it is made up mostly of water-based ingredients. It will not damage your vacuum.

Tip 3: Clean the pre-motor and post-motor filter. Allow them to dry completely after cleaning them. While waiting for them to dry, cut two pieces of wax paper. It should be the same size as the filters. Soak them in vanilla extract for an hour. After an hour, hang the pieces of wax paper to dry completely.

Install the motor filters back together with the dried wax paper. The next time you are going to use your cleaning machine, it will smell like vanilla. You can also substitute this with the scent that you want such as lavender or lemon essence.

Tip 4: Purchase geranium oil and mix it with water. Soak thin towel in the mixture and wring out the excess. Empty the bag of the cleaner or discard the old disposable bag. Place the thin towel inside the empty bag and let it stay there overnight.

Tip 5: Soak a piece of wax paper in fabric softener. Throw it inside the bag or insert it in the cartridge. Let it stay there overnight or until the next time you use your vacuum machine.